Producer Songwriter Agreement

As a producer or songwriter, it’s essential to ensure that you protect your interests when collaborating with other professionals. One way to do this is by entering into a producer songwriter agreement.

A producer songwriter agreement is a legally binding contract between a producer and songwriter that outlines their roles, responsibilities, and ownership rights in the creation and distribution of a musical work. The agreement covers various aspects such as the payment structure, royalties, creative control, and publishing rights.

Payment Structure

The payment structure is a critical aspect of the producer songwriter agreement. The parties involved should explicitly state the pricing and payment terms agreed upon. The producer usually receives a flat fee or a percentage of the royalties. On the other hand, the songwriter typically receives a percentage of the royalties from the song’s performance and sale.


The agreement should outline the distribution of royalties between the producer and the songwriter. For instance, if a song earns revenue from streaming or airplay, the parties involved should agree on how to share the earnings. Usually, the producer receives a specific percentage of the royalties while the songwriter receives the remaining portion.

Creative Control

Creative control addresses the extent of control that the producer has over the songwriting process. Ideally, the songwriter should have complete control over the lyrics and melody of the song. On the other hand, the producer has control over the sound and overall production of the song.

The agreement should outline the limits of creative control and how the parties can negotiate any disputes that arise.

Publishing Rights

Publishing rights involve the ownership and administration of a song. The publisher is in charge of distributing the song, collecting royalties, and licensing the work. In most cases, the producer and songwriter split the publishing rights between them.

The agreement should highlight the percentage of publishing rights that each party receives. Additionally, the parties involved should agree on how to license the song, including the type of licensing, distribution, and any remuneration for the use of the song.


Producing and songwriting are collaborative and complex processes that require careful consideration of interests and rights. By entering into a producer songwriter agreement, the parties involved can protect their interests and ensure that they receive fair compensation for their work.

A comprehensive agreement should address the payment structure, royalties, creative control, and publishing rights. This way, the parties involved can enjoy a harmonious working relationship and create exceptional musical works to the delight of their fans.