Nasa Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook 2019

The NASA Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook for 2019: Everything You Need to Know

NASA is known for pushing the boundaries of space exploration, and one way they do this is by awarding grants and cooperative agreements to researchers who share in their mission. These grants provide funding to scientists and engineers in order to advance NASA`s goals and help bring new technologies into the world.

If you are considering applying for a NASA grant or cooperative agreement, it is important to understand the guidelines and requirements set forth by NASA. Fortunately, the NASA Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook for 2019 provides all the information you need to know.

The handbook covers everything from the types of grants available to the application process and award administration. It also includes information on the roles and responsibilities of both NASA and the grantee, as well as the terms and conditions of the agreement.

One of the most important sections of the handbook is the eligibility requirements for applicants. NASA grants and cooperative agreements are typically awarded to research institutions, universities, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. Individuals are generally not eligible for funding, but there are exceptions for certain programs such as the NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships.

Once you have determined that you are eligible for funding, the next step is to identify the appropriate program and submit an application. The handbook provides detailed instructions on how to prepare and submit your proposal, including the required documentation and evaluation criteria.

If your proposal is selected for funding, the handbook also provides information on how to manage and report on your project. This includes guidance on budgeting, record-keeping, and reporting requirements.

One important feature of the handbook is the emphasis on transparency and accountability. NASA takes its funding responsibilities seriously, and grantees are expected to meet high standards of performance and integrity. The handbook outlines the consequences of noncompliance, including termination of the agreement and repayment of funds disbursed.

Overall, the NASA Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook for 2019 is an essential resource for anyone considering applying for funding from NASA. Whether you are a seasoned grant recipient or a first-time applicant, the handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the process and requirements of NASA grant and cooperative agreement programs. By following the guidelines set forth in the handbook, you can increase your chances of success and contribute to the advancement of NASA`s mission.